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Examples of Sepia Photography

This post contains 27 Beautiful Pictures of Sepia Photography.
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In photography, toning is a method of changing the color of black-and-white photographs. In analog photography, toning is a chemical process carried out on silver-based photographic prints. 

This darkroom process can not be done with a color photograph and although the black-and-white photograph is now toned, it is still considered a black and white photograph as it is monochromatic. The effects of these processes can be emulated with software in digital photography.

With the demise of film---although there are some who still use it---digital photography has tried to replace everything once available in traditional photography, including sepia toning, but without the unpleasant chemicals. Some digital cameras have a sepia tone filter built in so you can shoot with it automatically.

Sepia Photo
Kid's Face
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Old man
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