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40 Best Examples of Wide Angle Photography

Today I want to present you with 40 best examples of Wide Angle Photography photos.

Wide angle photography is the technique of taking photographs at a very low focal length. The focal length of a Wide angle lens is smaller than those of the normal lenses. In essence, anything shot below 20mm focal length can be called a wide angle photograph.While there’s a lot to be said for the power of zoom lenses (in fact many manufacturers are developing cameras with bigger and bigger lenses like the 20x optical zoom on the Olympus SP-570 that was announced this week) photographers who exclusively shoot at the longer focal lengths that their camera and lens offer could be missing out on some wonderful perspectives and framings.

Wide Angle Photography is one of the most used techniques by the photographers of our age. Gone are the days when people were obsessed with big zoom lenses and used to take the photographs at the closest zoom possible, missing out on the close-ups and wide angles.

Wide Angle Images Facebook
Chasing Goals 
Extreme Wide Angle Photography
Aurora Bridge in Fremont - Facebook
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