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Lingerie: Floral For Fall

I’m always amazed that I don’t wear more floral pieces during the Fall. Somewhere along the years, we all started associating floral patterns for Spring and Summer whereas more abstract and solid patterns and colors became the trend for the Fall and Winter. As I was browsing through the current La Lilouche Collection, I noticed that the Flo set was so perfect for Fall and wanted it in my closet almost immediately.

Do you see how rich the colors are? Totally changed my perspective on wearing Floral patterns during the cooler months. The tones are still appropriate – more focused on the deep harvest hues of purples, pinks and golds rather then their more subtle sister tones which I would typically wear for Spring or Summer. Regardless of the time of year, I think this set is pretty perfect and it would be a missed opportunity to not wear it the entire month of October and November, no? Here’s where you can find the separate pieces:

 How do you feel about wearing floral patterns during the Fall?

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