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How to Buy A Bra That Fits

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Buying a bra that fits online can be intimating, but it doesn't need to be! All you need to be successful is a measuring tape and a few basic tips.

First, start with your measurements.

Take your measuring tape and pull it tight around your under bust. You want to be able to breathe but you also don't want the tape to be loose. This is your band measurement.
Next, make sure you're wearing your best fitting bra. Take the tape and measure tightly around the widest part of your breasts. This is your bust measurement.

Now, enter those measurements into this bra calculator from The Sophisticated Pair. This calculator does not add any inches to your band size, but if you're someone who prefers using the plus four method just add four inches to your band size measurement.
Please note that bra size calculators only offer a starting point. We highly recommend you to get a professional fitting at least once a year and specially when you go thru lifestyle changes like pregnancy, weight loss or weight gain per example.

How should my bra fit?

A bra that fits should look a feel a certain way (we'll get to that in a minute). However, like everything this can be very individual. For instance, some women always have issues getting the central gore to tack and don't worry about it. As you try more bras, you'll figure out more about your body and what works for your shape.
In general, here are some rules to follow.

1. Your bra band should be tight enough that you can only slip two fingers under it. If you can pull it out several inches from your back, it's way too loose. This is important because most of the support comes from the band and not the rest of the bra, so you're doing your back and your breasts a favor by wearing a tighter one.

2. The central gore (the part that connects the cups in the middle) should lie flat on your chest. If you have part of your breast tissue pushing it out, the bra is too small.

3. All of your breast tissue should be encased in the bra. This applies to plunge bras too! A plunge neckline and awkward quadraboob are entirely differently things. If you have tissue spilling out the top, the bottom or the sides then your bra is too small. If the cups gape at the top, your bra is too big.

4. Always tighten the straps to the right point for you on any bra. If you're short, some bras will have straps that are way too long and uncomfortable. Make sure that the straps are tight but not cutting into you. It's uncomfortable and looks bad under clothes. Again, the support should be coming from the band and not the straps.

Now that you know how to buy a bra that fits you perfectly, go check out the great bra selection at Bella Bella Boutique!

by Holly (Blog Contributor for Bella Bella Boutique)

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